Lost in translation

Hva som skjer om man oversetter bloggen min til engelsk med google translator:

«He was in the neighboring apartment has trebein.»

«When I was twelve, I gave Henry in class love hearts and called and asked if he wanted to be girlfriends.»

«A teacher as long as one lives.»

«And other seemingly interesting thing is whether I deeply disagree, or in deep sleep.»

«She lecturer so I tell stories. In drunk.»

«And that the younger of the two was red as a British farm uniform»

«What kind of man is the plaintiff some to call you gay when everyone knows it’s true?»

«I will be little as Oscar Wilde»

«The tickle in my stomach when I think of hours to Bridget»

«Do not full of people who vomited on my window sill and a lot of noise»

«Knock on the ceiling of her yelling»

«No mandate for Red. But the government is not blue, so all hope is not out of Norway.»

«She  let us beføle her mind to look for evidence of the Neanderthals calling.»

«Received messages in a turkey»



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  1. Tilbaketråkk: Hurra for google translate! « Livsdundren & nye kloder

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